See yourself in the best physical shape you have ever been in and hold onto that thought, it is now about to happen for you, you just need to trust the process.





A one month plan on the Core Fit Foods diet

Weight loss results 12-15 lbs in the month.


Enter by: 

  1. Placing your order online https://www.corefitja.com/copy-of-plans

  2. Collect your order, join our exclusive private Facebook group

  3. Take a before photo in your favourite swimsuit top

  4. Use this hashtag on all your posts #CffBikiniChallenge

  5. Do the free online Pilates classes which are gifted to you as part of this challenge.

  6. Post your weight weekly in the group or via whatsapp

  7. Come in for your final weigh in and receive a special Core Fit Foods bikini top as your reward for reaching your goal. 

  8. Take an after photo in the new bikini top and post

Also includes:

  • E-recipe book

  • Food diary

  • Exclusive group support

  • Live coaching

Other prizes include:

Beauty services by Blow by Blow to the biggest loser

One week of free Core Fit Foods drinks to the runner up

A gift bag for third place biggest loser


you are beautiful.png