If you want to lose 5, 10 or 15 pounds between now and Christmas? It’s possible, and time to try the Core Fit Foods Diet.

It’s frustrating to try and lose weight and everyday you are grappling with the question, “what am I going to eat today?”

Finally! A safe, fast, effective, easy and affordable weight loss solution that has worked for over 300 people since 2014. It’s the only weight loss plan with over 30 varieties of delicious foods ranging from nutritious shakes, bars and chips which are portion and calorie controlled and contain the best quality proteins on the market. We provide the coaching, the foods and the structure to cut your appetite and cravings, increase your energy and make your weight loss goals a reality.

With your meal plan set for you, it is stress free and with proven results you can set your watch on your success. Full accountability and support lay the foundation for your fail proof plan.

Transform your body and move into this holiday season with a new way of looking, thinking and feeling.

Email or call us to make you first consultation appointment. Coaching is provided in person or over Skype calls weekly.